turkey bowl 2018

The 12th Annual Turkey Bowl event is going to have something for everybody! From 6:30-9:30pm we will be having 10 different food trucks and vendors selling a wide array of foods (We have Chick- Fil-A, Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea, Dogs on the Run, and Wok of Life coming out, to name a few).The event is free to attend! It is 90's themed as well!There will be games and events going on for the whole family, both inside and outside! 

Then at 10 PM, we have an overnight portion for those in Grades 5th-12th. Students must have purchased their tickets in advance (there are only 200 being sold this year) will be getting on buses and going Cosmic Bowling. Then they will be coming back to the church for an all night event! Video Games, Tournaments, and much more! 

If you have any questions feel free to call 724-846-2070 or email the church at office@chippewaalliance.orgEverybody is invited! Please help us spread the word!


Turkey Bowl overnight
Rules of Conduct 2018


  1. No fighting or physical altercations of any kind.  No threatening to fight either at the Turkey Bowl or after the event.

  2. No bullying or name calling.

  3. No knives or firearms permitted at the event.

  4. No tobacco, drugs or alcohol use at the event.

  5. Do not take your wrist band off during the night.

  6. Do not give your wrist band to anybody else.

  7. You are not permitted to leave the Turkey Bowl until 7am, if you drove yourself.

  8. No foul or derogatory language is to be used at the event.

  9. Do not take anything that does not belong to you.

  10. No public displays of affection.

  11. No destruction of property.

  12. No obscene imagery or graffiti on your clothing or body.

  13. Do not go anywhere blocked-off or forbidden.

  14. During the later portion of the night, you cannot hang out in the hallways.  You must be in a room.

  15. Once we get back from Sims Bowling Alley, do not go outside.

  16. You cannot leave the gym until your parents arrive to pick you up (if you drove yourself, you can leave at 7am).

Please note: If you traverse the rules, your parents will be called regardless of the time.  We will have a police officer on duty the entire night.  Failure to obey the rules may result in legal action.